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Meet Stephanie Landaas

client Stephanie LandaasAs is true for many in this day and age, Stephanie Landaas’ computer is her lifeline. It is her connection to friends, family, household finances and most importantly her legislators. Stephanie says, "For almost 30 years I have been an advocate for the civil and legal rights of citizens of Washington State who are disabled." Stephanie’s face is a familiar one to legislators in Olympia because she makes the 60 mile trip south from Seattle to Olympia often to advocate for people with disabilities.

When she’s at home in Seattle, though, Stephanie uses her computer to voice her opinions from afar and track and review legislation proposed by the legislature. She says that without her computer this work "would be impossible," so it was very important that Stephanie find a quick fix when her computer broke down just before last year’s legislative session.

Stephanie took out her second loan from WATF to repair her computer and purchase a new printer. The loan came just in time so that she could get her systems into order before the legislative session started. Now Stephanie says, "I’m really pleased with the printer, and my computer runs very well."

Stephanie learned of WATF’s loan program through her prior advocacy work with Frances Pennell, Executive Director.

When Stephanie learned that she herself could use a loan to repair and update her technology, she immediately thought of WATF. "I knew I would get a really good [interest] rate and that Social Security [income] would not be a deterrent," says Stephanie. WATF looks at all sources of income when evaluating a loan application including SSI and SSDI.

When we called last Spring to ask how things were working out Stephanie was pleased and excited. "This is my favorite time of year. Legislature is in session."