Looking for a special toy or gift for a child with a disability? This resource list is designed to provide some helpful links/suggestions for toys, play and recreation for kids with disabilities. It is a work in progress! We would appreciate your input! For additions, corrections, deletions or comments, please contact us at info@washingtonaccessfund.org!


National Lekotek Center
National Center devoted to promoting play and inclusion for children with disabilities. Tips on choosing the right toy for your child; webinars on toys, assistive technology and adaptive play for kids with disabilities; training; lots of excellent links.
Website: http://www.lekotek.org/
ToysRus Toy Guide
Toy guide developed in collaboration with the National Lekotek Center highlighting toys for children with special needs. Toy buying and safety tips. Search by skill!
Website: http://www.toysrus.com/shop/index.jsp?categoryId=3261680
Able Play
A toy rating system and website associated with the National Lekotek Center that provides comprehensive information on toys for children with special needs. Website was created to help parents and others make the best decisions when purchasing products for children with disabilities.
Website: http://www.ableplay.org/
Toy Industry Foundation
Lets Play – A Guide to Toys for Children with Special Needs. Highlights toys appropriate for children with diverse disabilities; coded by function.
Website: http://www.toyindustryfoundation.org/
Family Village
Links to vendors & toy guides
Website: http://www.familyvillage.wisc.edu/
 Fat Brain Toys
Mostly mainstream toys, art supplies, many other items for kids organized by learning goals.
Website: http://www.fatbraintoys.com
Especial Needs
Online website for ordering toys, assistive technology, therapy and rehab supplies, active toys, specialty items for kids with disabilities.
Website: http://www.especialneeds.com/
Discount School Supply
Lots of specialty items for children with and without disabilities. Search under “special needs.”
Website: http://www.discountschoolsupply.com
Discovery Toys
Well known, high quality toys. Guide to toys for children with special needs.
Website: http://www.discoverytoys.com/
Website focusing on assistive technology products with listing of adaptive toys.
Website: http://www.abledata.com/
Search the “special needs” categories (there are several) of Amazon.com for a variety of special needs toys, games, educational and recreational products.
Website: http://www.amazon.com

Focusing on Specific Disabilities

Autism Speaks
A list of 101 games and activities for children with Autism, Asperger’s and Sensory Processing Disorders.
Website: http://www.autismspeaks.org/family-services/resource-library/toys-games
Harris Communications
Educational & other toys for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.
Website: http://www.harriscomm.com/
Hear More
Assistive technology, games and toys for adults and children with disabilities including hearing and vision loss. Lots of ASL games & educational tools.
Website: http://www.hearmore.com/
Short listing of toys and games for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.
Website: http://www.rehabmart.com/
American Foundation for the Blind and National Association of Parents of Children with Visual Impairments.
Toy Guide!
Website: http://www.familyconnect.org/
American Printing House for the Blind
Cool toys and games for children with vision loss.
Toy Guide!
Website: http://www.aph.org/
One parent’s fun suggestions for toys and play for children with vision loss.
Website: http://www.squidoo.com/toys-for-blind-children


Hearing Speech & Deafness Center
Sells AT for individuals with hearing loss including a books, games and specialty items for children!
Website: http://www.hsdcstore.com/
Sight Connection
Products for individuals with vision loss including games, watches and other fun devices.
Website: http://www.sightconnection.com

*This list is provided for informational purposes only. Northwest Access Fund does not endorse any particular assistive technology device, vendor or manufacturer.