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Loan Details

  • Loans up to $8,000 for equipment used by individuals to mitigate the commonly understood impact of blindness or low vision and/or hearing impairment or deaf-blindness
  • The interest rate is 0% for Washington Council of the Blind (WCB) members in good standing
  • Loan terms can range up to 5 years depending on the expected life of the assistive technology purchased
  • Examples of equipment you can purchase with WCB loans include: computers and adaptive software; iPads, iPods, Tablets and Cellphones with accessibility features, Braille displays and large monitors, reading machines, scanners; Closed Circuit TV magnifiers; mobility aids; accessible medical equipment (talking scales, blood pressure monitors, diabetes testing equipment, etc.) and hearing aids.


  • You must have been a member of WCB for at least six months prior to the date of application and maintain your membership until your WCB loan is repaid.
  • You must have no other WCB loans in default.


In order to maintain confidentiality, once your application has been submitted, your primary point of contact will be through Northwest Access Fund. Our program officer will verify your eligibility with the WCB President during the loan application process.

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For more information about WCB, check their website at To join, apply online or contact Steve Fiksdal at or (206) 669-8001.