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Transition-Age Youth Services


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Transition-Age Youth Services

Young adults with disabilities have unique needs as they transition to adulthood. In addition to basic financial skills, they may also need benefits planning services. We combine financial coaching with benefits planning, providing specialized support to assist with planning for a future of financial security and supported independence. Our services are offered free of charge.

What We Offer

We work one-on-one with youth and their families and can also work with service providers to answer questions, provide additional support, and provide training on benefits and/or financial topics.

We can help with things like:

  • Understanding and opening an ABLE account
  • Opening and managing your first bank account
  • Understanding and building credit
  • Creating and following a budget
  • Understanding your disability benefits
  • Establishing a Family of One to maximize benefits
  • Planning for how work will impact your disability benefits
  • Wage reporting & overpayments
  • Saving while on disability benefits
  • Advocacy and support for financial and benefits-related issues

Ready to Get Started?

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Schedule a session online with Ruth Daugherty, a Financial Coach & Certified Benefits Planner.  Coaching is always free. Parents and guardians are welcome to schedule and attend a session for and/or with their children. In your first session, we’ll gather information, set goals, and make an action plan. In follow-up sessions, we’ll work together to put your plan into place and monitor progress on your goals.

Ruth is also available as a resource to families and service providers who have questions about disability benefits and/or financial issues.  She can be reached by email at [email protected].

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