A Way to Come Home

When Wesley lost the use of his arms and legs in his early 30s, he was not sure where his life would take him, or even if he would be able to live at home as steps up to the front door meant that he could not enter or leave the house.

As the date approached for Wes to leave the hospital, his parents struggled to find a way to make the home accessible so that Wes would not be forced to move into a nursing facility. They did not have enough savings and previous credit issues prevented qualifying for a traditional bank loan. Then they heard about Northwest Access Fund and decided to apply.

Wes and his parents were approved for a loan with us and therefore were able to make the necessary home modifications to bring Wes home. “We have been extremely blessed to have your help in making our son’s transition from hospital to home. Through the low-interest loan you generously provided for us, Wesley has a more ‘normal’ existence instead of living in an adult home or unable to leave the hospital. The items we were able to purchase and install/build/use have made his life, and ours, significantly easier and more enjoyable.”

Photo of the Salway family on ramp with dog