More adventures ahead!

“Not having the use of my legs and only my arms to get around with – it was very challenging for me to go out into the community,” says Linda, “having to use my shoulders with every step I have to take. Having the new electric wheelchair, it’s not challenging anymore – and in fourth gear, I can go up to six miles an hour!”

Linda Spencer started using crutches to get around after she lost the use of her legs at 14. Damage to her shoulder muscles and joints led first to a manual wheelchair when she was 46 and then in 2016, her doctor said she needed an electric wheelchair. When she learned that the Northwest Access Fund could help her finance a new wheelchair in a way that was affordable to her, she was excited about the prospect.

“They really do care about helping people a lot. They processed paperwork really fast…and I got my wheelchair approval from them in like a couple of weeks” Linda recalls.

“It’s so important to me to get this electric wheelchair so I can not be homebound anymore,” Linda says. “I need to get out. I’m not finished living at 53. I’ve got a whole lot ahead of me!”