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Have you ever dreamed of working for yourself? Or turning your hobby into a small business? Are you navigating questions about how self-employment or gig economy income will impact your cash, health, and caregiving benefits?

We’re here to help!

Welcome to Northwest Access Fund’s Small Business Support Program.  This program is designed to assist potential and existing entrepreneurs in starting, growing, and managing a small business, navigating the gig economy, or managing self-employment income.

We assist:

  • All disabilities
  • All income levels
  • Ages 16 and up
  • All types of businesses with under 5 employees

NWAF’s Inclusive Entrepreneurship program works in partnership with other business support organizations to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and types.

We offer an Inclusive Entrepreneurship webinar series that introduces you to the possibilities available to entrepreneurs with disabilities, as well as one-on-one business coaching.

Our no-cost, one-on-one confidential business coaching can support you on a wide range of topics based on your individual needs. We will cover:

  • Pre-business preparation
  • Credit building and loan readiness
  • Effects of business income on disability benefits, including reporting guidance on Net Earnings for Self Employment (NESE)
  • ABLE accounts and PASS program enrollment and management
  • Business planning and financial management
  • Access to capital through our Opportunity Loan and other loan/grant programs

More questions about the program? Contact us at [email protected] today! 

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Funding provided by the Washington State Microenterprise Association
(WSMA) thanks to a grant made by the Washington State Department of Commerce.