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Since Paula uses a scooter, she says that she “always had to depend on somebody” to get around out of her house. To drive herself around, she would need a modified van – but she was shocked when she discovered how expensive vans and brand-new lifts were. She’s on a fixed income and, when sheREAD MORE >

Beth and Elaine

Beth first learned about Northwest Access Fund when she was researching funding options for an all-terrain wheelchair, the GRIT Freedom Chair. The coronavirus lockdowns were preventing her from getting out and exercising, and her muscles were weakening. She had already applied for one grant and was in the process of applying for another, but sheREAD MORE >


Bev lost many of her teeth due to a combination of prescription medications and “poor dental genes from her mother.” She desperately wanted to “get her mouth taken care of, but everybody wanted to charge something like 29% interest” on the loans she was finding. She recalls thinking, “I can’t afford that.” She considered otherREAD MORE >


When Harley tried to get an elevated seat for her wheelchair covered by Medicare, her claim was denied. She was disappointed because she needed the lift seat in order to be independent in her own home. Her bed was too tall for her to get into on her own. She had to ask for assistanceREAD MORE >


Serwa came to Northwest Access Fund because she was serious about improving her credit and starting to save. She had heard of Northwest Access Fund a decade earlier, when she participated in her first business development program. By the time Serwa started working with an Access Fund financial coach in 2018, she already had aREAD MORE >


When Sandra needed a dental implant, she thought about putting it on her credit card, but the cost exceeded her credit limit. She explored other funding options until she learned about Northwest Access Fund from a resource representative who came to her senior living community to let residents know about funding for medical, dental, andREAD MORE >


Tyler’s interest in Northwest Access Fund was piqued by our Financial Capability Program. “I was always into saving, even in my early 20s,” he explains. However, after a spinal cord injury, he had more difficulty with saving. “I needed to learn how to manage my money when I couldn’t afford what I wanted to afford,”READ MORE >


Dave purchased a home in December, but he was not able to move in until he could have the house modified for wheelchair accessibility. He was paying rent on his apartment still, so he wanted the home modifications quickly. Getting a home loan had been stressful, and he had spent his savings on the house.READ MORE >


When Jill’s father’s health declined rapidly, he had to spend some time in a care home. “It was a really awful experience,” Jill recounts. “We knew we didn’t want to go that route.” But her parents’ home posed safety issues to both her father and her mother. Her dad could not use the inaccessible showerREAD MORE >


Sandy went “a couple of long years” without a scooter, during which time she “was pretty much stuck in the house.” She wanted to leave the house more often, but found that even going shopping posed a challenge. If a store had any scooters, it most likely wouldn’t have one available when she needed it,READ MORE >