Bev lost many of her teeth due to a combination of prescription medications and “poor dental genes from her mother.” She desperately wanted to “get her mouth taken care of, but everybody wanted to charge something like 29% interest” on the loans she was finding. She recalls thinking, “I can’t afford that.” She considered other options, like creating a GoFundMe page, but she felt uncomfortable with the idea of publicly posting a picture that showed her teeth. Bev wasn’t sure when she would be able to get the dental work and dentures that she needed.

Then, one day, Bev learned about Northwest Access Fund through a budgeting class she was taking. She was approved for a loan within two weeks and remembers the loan process as “quick and easy.”

Bev got her dentures on January 20th, 2021. She says, “I will remember that day forever.” Although she is still getting used to the dentures, she says that the most important thing is that she can smile again without fearing judgment. One of her coworkers always makes her smile just so he can see her dentures. When he told her that she looked so much happier, she responded, “I am, I’m not afraid to smile.”An image of Bev smiling. She is wearing a black shirt and glasses. She has short brown hair.