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Do you sell Assistive Technology in Washington or Oregon? Our nonprofit provides affordable loans to people with disabilities to purchase all kinds of Assistive Technology. It’s easy to refer customers to our programs!

Our loans carry a 5% interest rate and there are no fees to apply. If a client is approved for a loan, we pay you directly, in full. We have provided 1,200 loans to Washingtonians and Oregons, disbursing more than $4.7 million. We have a low default rate and a high satisfaction rate. Please consider sharing our information today!

Referring to us is easy – we can send you send you materials to share with your customers that explain about our products and services. It explains the terms of the loan and how to apply to us. If you would like some brochures, use the embedded request form here, or go to:

Please feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions!

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