Retired as of a few years ago, Steve Hooper says his role is to support his wife and daughter. His 38-year-old daughter, Megan, uses a wheelchair, and his wife, Kathy, is “a master at finding services, programs, and funding. . . If it’s out there, Kathy usually knows about it.” But the Northwest Access Fund brochure Steven brought home one day was news to her. They agreed that it looked like a great option.

Steve and Kathy first worked with Northwest Access Fund to have the lift on their modified van repaired. Later that year, Steve needed a new pair of hearing aids and after seeing the high cost of the technology, he contacted Northwest Access Fund about getting a loan. Steve and Kathy were experiencing challenges with credit as they had purchased a business that fell upon hard times. Northwest Access Fund’s flexible underwriting was “extremely helpful. It was kind of our only path of getting a loan.”

Since that time, Steve and Kathy have also taken out an Access Fund loan for a newer, lower mileage modified vehicle for their daughter. They paired the loan with external grant funding to cover some of the costs and Northwest Access Fund helped coordinate the transaction, which rolled “smooth as glass.”

Steve describes his experience working with Northwest Access Fund as “superlative,” and tells anyone considering a loan with NWAF: “Do it. It’s that simple.”