Dave in his wheelchair, sitting in front of the ramp into his house with his poodle on his lap. Behind him, there is a sign that says "Beware of poodle".

Dave purchased a home in December, but he was not able to move in until he could have the house modified for wheelchair accessibility. He was paying rent on his apartment still, so he wanted the home modifications quickly. Getting a home loan had been stressful, and he had spent his savings on the house. Dave wasn’t excited to apply for more funding, but he didn’t want to pay for the modifications with his credit card and “be paying them off forever.” He contacted Northwest Access Fund along with a few other organizations, but the Access Fund was the most receptive to working with him and his situation. He says he “couldn’t have made the house accessible without the external help.”

With his home modification loan from the Access Fund, Dave installed a ramp, replaced the house’s carpeting with hard surface floors, widened doors, and installed a roll-in shower. Dave says, “without the help and the modifications, I wouldn’t have been able to live by myself – and that’s my main goal, to be self-sufficient for as long as I can.”