Nancy wrote the following account of her experience with Northwest Access Fund:

Hello, I would like to introduce myself and give you a little background about me. My name is Nancy, I live in Spokane with my 24 year-old son Jake, our 3 kitties and my parakeets. In 2006, my life changed drastically, I went from being a completely mobile and productive member of society, to becoming fully disabled and unable to do many things that I used to do, including walking. Let us fast forward now to 2019. I had been trying to obtain a mobility scooter so that I could get around and get out of my house more often. I was only able to get out to go to doctor appointments and grocery shopping at stores with a scooter.

I was using a wheeled walker with a bench and could only walk a distance of 15 feet before I would have to sit and rest. I was unsuccessful in getting my insurance to cover the cost and due to my very small income, could not afford to purchase one on my own. A very good friend of mine, Billie, suggested I contact Northwest Access Fund for help. I was willing to give it a try and after submitting my application, in less than two weeks, was approved for my scooter loan and it was ordered and delivered within 10 days of the order.

Nancy sitting on her mobility scooter, wearing a red dress with white flowers.

I love my scooter. I get outside everyday, if weather permits and am able to go places I hadn’t been in years. I even get to play Pokemon Go with my son and friends since I now have the ability to go out. It has been such a life change for the better and has improved my mental and emotional health as well as my physical abilities.

The paperwork for the loan was easy, and my loan person was wonderful. I would definitely recommend Northwest Access Fund to anyone needing help with whatever it is they need to improve their life.

I also need to interject here that in March of 2020, I had cause to ask for help again. This time it was to obtain a power lift recliner. I suffer from extreme edema. And it is necessary for me to keep my legs elevated as much as possible. The chair I had broke and wasn’t doing what I needed. Again, I was approved quickly and received my power lift recliner. It has made a tremendous difference in my leg swelling. I don’t have hardly any swelling now and am able to get up and down without assistance. To those of you looking for help, apply to Northwest Access Fund, you won’t be disappointed.

Nancy sitting in her recliner.