Tara first heard about Northwest Access Found when she was looking to purchase an adapted vehicle. She did not qualify for a loan at the time, but came back to the Access Fund several years later, when she saw that she could work with a financial coach.

Tara and her financial coach, Megan, created a budget, reviewed her credit report, and researched financial assistance for medical bills she couldn’t afford to pay. They filled out Charity Care applications for the medical debt, and Tara “qualified for all that to be paid off, so that was really great.”

An image of Tara smiling.


Tara was also able to open several savings accounts, first an Individual Development Account and later an ABLE account, that allow her to save without affecting her access to necessary disability and medical benefits. When she started financial coaching, she hadn’t given much thought to saving, and “didn’t know there was anything out there” to help her save.

“Financial coaching is really great.  It shows you where you need to cut back and what you can and cannot afford.  People with disabilities and their parents/guardians need these services that can help them save.  They don’t think they can save any money.”